Monday, July 14, 2008

Midwife Appt.

So I had my Midwife appt. on the 10th of July and things were great. We talked about my diet and such, I still need more protein in my life. My BP was 110/60 a little bit high for me but completely normal. She was able to hear the heartbeat finally it was 160 bpm. At my last appt. she couldn't find the HB because my darling little spaz was kicking the heck out of the doppler and wouldn't stop, lol. She felt the baby and it is nicely in my pelvis head down, which means it feels like it is going to fall out of my, well you know. Everything baby wise is great and then I had to pee in a cup to check my levels and I of course have a very slight UTI and need to drink more fluids. Other than that I got a good bill of health for me and the baby. My midwife suggested I go get straight cranberry juice from Trader Joe's and drink it. Oh my goodness, don't ever drink it. It is vile. I have to pick up some other juice to mix it with, because it is just too tart to drink on its own. Oh my baby shower is being rescheduled for the 23rd of August because of my Grandmothers' passing and everything that went into it. I will hopefully be posting more stuff soon!

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