Saturday, August 30, 2008

31 Week Midwife Appointment

I was correct in my assessment of my baby.... It is breech but Colleen, the midwife, said that is fine since I am only 31 weeks and we will start to try to suggest the baby into a new position at like 34 weeks and until then not to stress...... She will deliver a frank breech but not a footling so we are okay there. We aren't drawing my blood this time we are giving it another two weeks and she had me pick up some more vitamins to add to my regiment and I am already taking a drug store...... It is a better liquid food based iron supplement, vitamin K, kelp and some vitamin C added to my five other vitamins but I get to cut out the iron supplement pill. My blood pressure was 110/58 and baby's heart rate was 128 and good and strong. My belly was 34cm and is right on target for growth. June helped out as soon as my belly was out she had the Doppler in her hand to hand off to Colleen. I was kind of shocked June remembered that is what it was for but go June!

My Mom and Jon attended this appt. mainly because my Mom really wanted to come to an appt. when I was pregnant with June and I never let her so I felt bad..... But then Jon watched June and my Mom and I went out to lunch at the Olive Garden and ate the never ending pasta bowl. It was yummy and the waitress we had happen to know us and so our last bowl was "accidently" full size so I have yummy left overs in the fridge!

All n' all it was a great day and everything is going good.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home From Arizona

It was great and I am happy to be home and back in Oregon. I had a blast with Juniper and she really enjoyed herself. We ate authentic Mexican food and went to a water park on top of attending Madi's 1st birthday party. I have a bunch of pictures and will post them soon. I have my 31 week midwife appointment on Saturday! Here's to hoping my blood results are better!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Juniper's 18 Month Appointment

June had her 18 month appt. today and all is well. She weighs 22lbs 8oz and is 34 inches long. Her next appointment is her 2 year appt. and I can not believe how fast she is growing up!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crazy Update!

So I am officially not working now and I am at home FULL-TIME! I am super excited I get to stay home all day with Juniper! So for awhile now I have been saving and planning on going to Phoenix I just wasn't sure when I could or how to arrange it. So now with Jon's new job and everything going so well I am off to AZ on the 22nd of August and will be there until the 27th. I will be 31 weeks along when I return from AZ I am not even sure where time went with this pregnancy. So June and I will be out of the state for five days and it will be a first plane ride for everyone.

I have a midwife appointment on the 28th so I should be updating then if not sooner!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Junipers' Birth Story

After talking with Jon and my mom I have decided I need to write out my story of what happened with Junipers' birth to be completely at one with my self as a whole to deliver this baby properly, so here it is.

I was measuring about a week ahead on the measuring tape for about 6 weeks now. So at 36 weeks my OB decided I maybe carrying a big baby and asked if I would like another ultrasound I of course was excited to see the pictures as I knew the office had a 3D/4D US machine! So the day of the US I was 36wk 3days and according to her femur length and other measurements she was already aprx. 9.5lbs. My OB said I could deliver if my body went into labor before 39 weeks. I began having contractions, not bad at all, continuous and got my dilated to 2 centimeters and then stopped. This was the 38th week of my pregnancy. On that Friday my OB said unfortunately if I did not go into labor that weekend I would have a c-section scheduled for Monday morning, I would be 38wk 6days.

The weekend came and went and it was 5:30am and time to get up and go to the hospital. I arrived @ 6am with Jon and got my IV and BP checked and everything was perfect. I was supposed to go in @ 7:30am but because of an emergency CS I was wheeled in @ 8am. Jon was not allowed back in the OR with me at first and that was horrid my support for the last nine months was gone when I needed him most. The anesthesiologist came in to do my spinal and I was so afraid of anything going into my back let alone anywhere near my spine. So I had asked him prior to entering the OR if he could explain the whole procedure as he preformed as it would ease my fears since my husband couldn't. I remind him of this in the OR and he agrees he says I am going to insert the needle now and my right leg jerked and went numb instantly I freaked as I thought he had paralyzed me. I said through crying my right leg is numb and he responded, "Is that all? Let me try inserting the needle again." No warning this time and my left leg jerked and went numb. My OB walked in at this point and I was sobbing almost hyperventilating because I was so scared by not knowing what was going on with my body. It seemed so foreign to me. My OB quickly told me that was all normal and he ran to get to tell a RN to get Jon. I had calmed by the time Jon entered the room. I was now strapped down on a cross like Jesus, I swear I felt I was being crucified. When I saw Jon I started crying again because I felt so violated and the surgery hadn't even started yet.

Then started my surgery and 7 minutes later my baby was born, both prior ultrasounds suggested girl but inconclusive. They whisked the baby away and as Jon and I had discussed he went with the baby. I asked my OB if it were indeed a girl and the attending OB and my OB both forgot to look. So I had to wait a bit for Jon to come out holding the baby before it was confirmed that Juniper was indeed a girl. She was healthy and average at 8lbs 4.6ozs and 21" long. After I was sewn and stapled up I was sent to the recovery room where they had Juniper screaming and I couldn't hold her. I am still not sure of why.

After about 40 minutes after being in the recovery room I began feeling real intense pain in spite of the fentanyl pump I was hooked up to and kept pushing the button for medication. I kept complaining to my two RN's that I was in pain and they kept saying I was just experiencing the spinal wearing off. They gave me two bolsters of medication in this time to help ease my pain and they did nothing. So after an hour and half after my surgery I was screaming in pain and couldn't handle it any longer one of the Rn's finally checked my fentanyl pump to discover it wasn't working the whole time. So after one and half hours after major abdominal surgery I had only received two minor doses of medication that touched absolutely none of my pain. By the time they realized it I had to be hooked to a constant and push at will morphine pump and receive a huge dose to get me down to a 6/10 on the pain scale. The RN's decided that since it had been nearly two hours since my surgery I should probably breastfeed since I refused to let them give her formula.

After another 2 hours in recovery and having June at my breast for that entire time I was moved to a hospital room. I had visitors off and on the rest of the day but was mentally and physically exhausted from the pain. Luckily Juniper was a superb nurser an my milk came in on my second day of nursing.

So that is it. That is why I hate CS's I am glad they here when they are medically necessary but mine was not. I took probably an hour to write this because I kept crying but I do feel better. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Midwife Appointment Today and Mini Update

I had another midwife appointment today and it went well. I got my blood drawn for a random glucose test and as long as that comes back fine I am done with diabetes testing! I am measuring fine and babies heart beat this time 145 per minute. I got to meet her birthing assistant and she is super nice and Juniper liked to share her pretend food with her. I am referring to her as a her as I seem to have forgotten her name. My blood pressure, pulse and urine stick came back great.

So this was my last month appointment. I will see her again in three weeks and then every two weeks then every week. Then hopefully I will have a baby! I am almost 28 weeks. My due date is October 31st but because there is a 2 week window either way I can go in to labor in 10-14 weeks! That is insane!

Mini-update: I am only working two days a week now which seems so strange to work that little. So I am not sure when I will be done with work completely but will be before the baby comes! I bought new cloth diapers which was fun and we will be buying an ergo next week at some point!