Saturday, November 29, 2008


June passed out at 8:30 thanks to the dance party/play date that lasted 1.5 hours last night. So Jon and I went to bed at (gasp) 11! I feel right asleep woke up at 1 to pee and take my vicodin and then again at 5 and then went back to sleep right away. It has been months since I have gotten more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep even at the hospital I just couldn't sleep. I slept for over 7 overs. I feel so rested it is amazing. My uterus area still hurts a little but not like it did yay for antibiotics and being able to take my vicodin every 4 hours instead of 6.

I just thought I would share because I needed this so much. Colleen is coming over this morning to bring food and just hang out and "pamper me" cause I am all infected. Then at 2pm Jon is driving us up to my Grandpa's house to watch the Civil War game and my Dad is making a big dinner and Jon gets to relax while fixing Grandpa's computer!

June is STILL sleeping and so is Jon so I am going to take a shower, wash my hair then eat breakfast. It feels wierd to be excited about a normal day BUT it is a good day!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Uterine Infection

So now I have two infections one in my uterus and one vaginally. I am on two different types of antibiotics so that should help. It just seems like I am getting handed crap over and over.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have posted all the pictures from the hospital; NICU, Baptisim and when she was in the room with us warming. There are no post-mortum pictures. If you are not on my myspace and would like to be added please request me as a friend.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Casey Hope Roth

I am sorry I didn't post this information sooner but I have had a lot on my mind. Casey passed away at 11:10am Sunday the 23rd and was pronounced at 11:15am. She took her last breath in Jon's arms and her heart stopped beating in mine. It was the way it should have happened peaceful and with us. All four of her heart valves were donated and as far as we know are all now in there intended recipients. It is an amazing gift that she was able to give and it is peaceful to know that Jon and I created her to do this. We are at home now and welcome anyone who wants to stop by. We are planning her funeral for sometime the week of December 8th and we will be posting more information as it is planned.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Update

I am so heartbroken over what has happened over the last 48 hours. Casey Hope Roth was born at 1:24am on November 20th, 2008 she weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 22 inches long. I will post her birth story another time but she was born by a very necessary quick emergency C-section.

After she was born it tool 10-15 minutes to resuscitate her which included intabating and shocking her heart. We were told she had a 0-5% chance of surviving. We got to see her and she is perfect other than the wires and the tubes. So then on the 20th we had a NICU MD come to our room and talk to us. Colleen MW was in the room with us. The MD stated that she was improving and doing great that she would be in the NICU for about two months or slightly longer to do heart surgery after she got out of there. We were confused but elated about only being here two months and the baby would live. Then the morning of the 21st we walked down to the NICU and her NICU MD the one we had seen originally was there and so we asked what was up with her bleeding in the brain and what kind of surgery would be done on Casey.

Her NICU MD was quite confused and said that was the baby up the hall not ours. Casey was still brain dead and not responding to any kind of stimuli.

So today at 11am PST we are getting her baptized and the Rite of Passage done. Shawna is going to take pictures. We are then taking her off the cooling system to see what happens. She will either pass like that or if she shows distress we are taking her off of everything and bring her into our room to pass with just Jon and I present.

I have been put on Zoloft and Xanax and it is going to be a big long road that Jon and I are not wanting to travel down but are. I have AT&T so feel free to text and call me as I am really in s dark place and need all the support I can get, I love you all.....


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Labor Update #5

So we(MW and I) had a sneaking suspicion that my waters was not really broken, we did the nitrate paper and sure enough it wasn't. She tried two more times about an hour ago and the sac is too close to the babes head to get a hold of it and break it. I have magically sunk back to two centimeters from four. I am almost out of time. She will let me go until 43 weeks and that is it. She originally said 44 but when she said it it slipped her mind that I am a VBAC which she won't go past 43. So we are trying caster oil tonight and I am aware of the hell that it is. I am going to take 6oz. of caster oil with 6oz. of orange juice and take it in two 6oz. groups right after each other. To top off bad news while she was trying to break the waters the dog ate my dinner because I was stupid and left it on the ground. So I am getting my fave thai dish eating that and then around 10pm will do the caster oil. I am still contracting but apparently they mean squat.

So that is my update and I don't like it.

Labor Update #4

Colleen just left my water is broken and we are on way to a baby! I may post more as the day goes on but I am not sure. The plan is two more hours of the tincture and then some nipple stimulation. Then two hours of walking, birth ball and what ever sounds good. Then call her to check in at 12:30......... So I am off to have a baby......

Labor Update #3

So I was able to fall asleep and I am now up. My contractions have slowed down a bit back to 7-9 minutes. Colleen will be over to check me about 7:15 and see if breaking my water is appropriate. I had some more mucus with blood this morning. All good signs that labor is definitely here but is taking its sweet little time. I will update after she leaves.......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Labor Update #2

So my contractions are 4-5minutes apart and lasting 55 seconds long. Talked to Colleen and she says I am definitely in labor just waiting for the intensity to pick up. I can still slightly talk coherently through them and when I can only grunt or mumble she will come over. I am to rest and do what feels natural. If I haven't gone into active labor by morning she will come over and my water will be no more but at the moment it seems unnecessary so we are just letting labor happen on it's own.

Labor Update

I am still contracting 8-9 minutes apart but they are definitely getting more intense. I spoke with Colleen and we decided on a 2 hour break from the tincture then start again and call her at 10pm. If I think I can sleep or rest some we will break my water @ 7am if my contractions are intense and I do not believe I can get some rest she will come over tonight and break my waters. So hopefully by Wednesday we should have a baby. I will update when I can. I am off to go cook dinner and such.

MW Appointment

Swept my membranes again and gave me some tincture to help augment labor. I feel good with this decision. I am 4 and gooey and she said if I am still contraction but spaced out we could break my water tonight and then I would have 48 hours to hit full blown labor not have the baby though she said baby would most likely be out. She is happy with babys HB during the contractions so all is well and hopefully I will have a baby soon! Jon is coming home from work! YAY!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

42 Week Appointment

MW just left and all is well. My BP is up 130/82 which she says happens a lot right before the baby is born. Casey's HB was 144. I had her check me I was at a very gooey and loose 2 so I consented to having my membranes swept. It was actually very pleasant. There was a lot, A LOT, of pressure but it was helpful to practice my breathing techniques. Colleen said I was very stretchy and receptive. I got stretched all the way to a 4 and she said I would probably float back down to a gooey 3. She also got some blood so all great signs. Casey is posterior again but a very even posterior so Colleen said as soon as I get some good contractions Casey should turn to an anterior position. I am going for a nice long walk to get lunch with Jon and hobble with my foot on the curb. Then after lunch it is carpet shampooing time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

40 Week MW Appointment!

So she thinks baby is no longer posterior and is just working its way down. I am pretty sure it is girl now btw but will be pleasantly surprised if it is boy too. My BP was 122/70 which is high for me but perfectly normal MW wasn't concerned. Babys' HB was 145 and I am still measuring 42 weeks so the no sugar thing is working and also Colleen said that is a good sign that baby is moving down too! Good overall appt. June was a pill because she should be sleeping and is currently just sitting next me zoning out on a book.
My next appt. is Monday @ 1 and she thinks it will be a post partum visit. I am not so inclined to jump on that band wagon. I am just going to enjoy the last few moments of my pregnancy where Casey is all safe and cuddled in my womb and no harm will come. I am anxious to meet my little babe but Casey will come when it is ready and that is when I will be ready as well. that is is a good mantra and I should repeat that to my self a lot!