Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Labor Update #5

So we(MW and I) had a sneaking suspicion that my waters was not really broken, we did the nitrate paper and sure enough it wasn't. She tried two more times about an hour ago and the sac is too close to the babes head to get a hold of it and break it. I have magically sunk back to two centimeters from four. I am almost out of time. She will let me go until 43 weeks and that is it. She originally said 44 but when she said it it slipped her mind that I am a VBAC which she won't go past 43. So we are trying caster oil tonight and I am aware of the hell that it is. I am going to take 6oz. of caster oil with 6oz. of orange juice and take it in two 6oz. groups right after each other. To top off bad news while she was trying to break the waters the dog ate my dinner because I was stupid and left it on the ground. So I am getting my fave thai dish eating that and then around 10pm will do the caster oil. I am still contracting but apparently they mean squat.

So that is my update and I don't like it.


Jen said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope your contractions keep you up all night and you have that baby tomorrow. :)

CaBo said...

LAAAAAME! I've been thinking about you all day... mostly because I was hoping the baby would pop out today so it could share birthdays with Norman (how cool would THAT be?!?!?!)
I hope you're doing well, and that everyone is happy and healthy. Love ya Brandy!!!!