Tuesday, November 4, 2008

40 Week MW Appointment!

So she thinks baby is no longer posterior and is just working its way down. I am pretty sure it is girl now btw but will be pleasantly surprised if it is boy too. My BP was 122/70 which is high for me but perfectly normal MW wasn't concerned. Babys' HB was 145 and I am still measuring 42 weeks so the no sugar thing is working and also Colleen said that is a good sign that baby is moving down too! Good overall appt. June was a pill because she should be sleeping and is currently just sitting next me zoning out on a book.
My next appt. is Monday @ 1 and she thinks it will be a post partum visit. I am not so inclined to jump on that band wagon. I am just going to enjoy the last few moments of my pregnancy where Casey is all safe and cuddled in my womb and no harm will come. I am anxious to meet my little babe but Casey will come when it is ready and that is when I will be ready as well. that is is a good mantra and I should repeat that to my self a lot!


Andrea P. said...

Brandy, I'm praying that labor starts to really progress and you are holding your little on soon - prince or princess!

Yay for good appointments!

Laura said...

Brandy here are some great affirmations for you right now and during birth! Enjoy it! You deserve it!

While pregnant..
My body is made to give birth in safety and love
I trust my body to birth my baby safely
The more faith I have in myself, the safer my birth will be
The more faith I have in myself, the more loving my birth will be
The more faith I have in my baby, the safer my birth will be
While giving birth...
Relax and breathe
I enjoy giving birth to my babies
I enjoy the process of birth
I deserve a joyful birth
I open like a rose, in my own time and way
I give birth comfortably and easily
I trust my body, she knows just what she's doing
I trust in my ability to birth my baby
I choose a simple, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth
For the partner..
I trust in her ability to give birth easily
I listen, I trust, I support, I love
I am an important part of this birth, I am important to my family
My woman is strong and capable of birthing our child
I create a safe place for my baby to be born into
I remind her to relax and trust the process of birth