Saturday, November 15, 2008

42 Week Appointment

MW just left and all is well. My BP is up 130/82 which she says happens a lot right before the baby is born. Casey's HB was 144. I had her check me I was at a very gooey and loose 2 so I consented to having my membranes swept. It was actually very pleasant. There was a lot, A LOT, of pressure but it was helpful to practice my breathing techniques. Colleen said I was very stretchy and receptive. I got stretched all the way to a 4 and she said I would probably float back down to a gooey 3. She also got some blood so all great signs. Casey is posterior again but a very even posterior so Colleen said as soon as I get some good contractions Casey should turn to an anterior position. I am going for a nice long walk to get lunch with Jon and hobble with my foot on the curb. Then after lunch it is carpet shampooing time.

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Jen said...

One of these days I'll come here and you'll have a baby right? :) Seems like you've been pregnant forever... and I can only imagine how you're feeling. Good luck!