Saturday, November 29, 2008


June passed out at 8:30 thanks to the dance party/play date that lasted 1.5 hours last night. So Jon and I went to bed at (gasp) 11! I feel right asleep woke up at 1 to pee and take my vicodin and then again at 5 and then went back to sleep right away. It has been months since I have gotten more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep even at the hospital I just couldn't sleep. I slept for over 7 overs. I feel so rested it is amazing. My uterus area still hurts a little but not like it did yay for antibiotics and being able to take my vicodin every 4 hours instead of 6.

I just thought I would share because I needed this so much. Colleen is coming over this morning to bring food and just hang out and "pamper me" cause I am all infected. Then at 2pm Jon is driving us up to my Grandpa's house to watch the Civil War game and my Dad is making a big dinner and Jon gets to relax while fixing Grandpa's computer!

June is STILL sleeping and so is Jon so I am going to take a shower, wash my hair then eat breakfast. It feels wierd to be excited about a normal day BUT it is a good day!

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briguysgirls said...

Glad you feel rested! What a blessing, to be able to get more sleep! Thinking of you, sending you tons of love!