Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Midwife Appointment Today and Mini Update

I had another midwife appointment today and it went well. I got my blood drawn for a random glucose test and as long as that comes back fine I am done with diabetes testing! I am measuring fine and babies heart beat this time 145 per minute. I got to meet her birthing assistant and she is super nice and Juniper liked to share her pretend food with her. I am referring to her as a her as I seem to have forgotten her name. My blood pressure, pulse and urine stick came back great.

So this was my last month appointment. I will see her again in three weeks and then every two weeks then every week. Then hopefully I will have a baby! I am almost 28 weeks. My due date is October 31st but because there is a 2 week window either way I can go in to labor in 10-14 weeks! That is insane!

Mini-update: I am only working two days a week now which seems so strange to work that little. So I am not sure when I will be done with work completely but will be before the baby comes! I bought new cloth diapers which was fun and we will be buying an ergo next week at some point!

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