Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Body Challenge

I am taking part in a NYBC on another great website I am on. It is from
1/12/09-3/2/09. I will be posting pictures and measurements on that site and at the end I may or may not post the number but will post the beginning and ending photo for sure! I am excited to start. I was planning on Weight Watchers since last time I joined I had lost 20lbs. So this is a great reason to join! Woot, wish me luck!


Andrea P. said...

You can do this Brandy - kick ass and take names!! Can't wait to see your results.

Ashley said...

Good for you Brandy! You'll do great! I just re-joined Weight Watchers, so I totally understand the excitement. :)

Shawna Blankenship said...

That's great Brandy! I've been thinking of joining WW also.