Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update On Us

So Colleen and I were talking and mutually agree that the intense pain I was feeling were actually contractions pushing out the sac and such. Cause after it passed I felt better and I feel tons better today! Last night Jon and I had a 4 hour time frame with no phones, no Juniper and no distractions. We played Lego Indiana Jones and ate a giant sandwich from Safeway! It was so nice not to worry about anything for 4 hours. I didn't realize how much we were stressing about life in general. Our counselor made us sign a contract stating we will spend a 4 hour chunk of time together.

My chickens are doing fabulously, day 5 and none are dead!

My friend Katrina had her baby on Monday her name is Olivia, Jon and I brought her dinner yesterday afternoon. She is probably one of the sweetest friends I know. I called to let her know we were almost there and she put sleeping O in her room so we could in and say hi. I had to see her and it was actually a lot easier than I thought. I couldn't bring my self to touch her, but was a cute bundle of 7lbs. 4oz! She reminded Jon and I a lot Casey because she had cute eyes and was sleeping. But it was actually a really good visit. I didn't think I would be there for more than a second giving her food but we ended up staying for about 30 minutes!

So in conclusion, life sucks but hey not too bad.

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