Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karma and God Are On My Side

You know I have always been more than willing to help people out, let people with less groceries go in front of me in line, let people into traffic etc... Well today it paid off, but a back story is needed to let you all understand....

Saturday Jon and I decided to buy a lawn mower even though we really shouldn't but it was decided it was a mother's day gift. Well we got it home and decided to try it out, well it was broken. We call Walmart and they said we could come in and just switch it for a working model. We decided we'd just do it on Mother's day.

Sunday morning we go out and it is stolen. I was so sad and pissed. I mean come one we have been through so much crap! So we called and made a report to the county sheriff's office and that is we could do.

Monday called our insurance company and it wasn't enough to meet our deductible. So I post an ad on craigslist to ask if anyone had any information regarding my poor broken lawn mower.

Tuesday nothing....

Wednesday I get an e-mail and it is from the Owner of Action Mowers on Main St. in Springfield Oregon. Turns out the guys who stole it brought it to her and she had them take it back to walmart for one that works. So Walmart exchanges for the next model up because they are out of the original lawn mower takes the guys ID and and bring it back to Action Mowers. She gets the new better lawn mower from them then sees my ad on CL.

So now I know who at least one of the guys are and damn straight I am pressing charges and testifying against them......

So I get a brand new better mower and I get to serve justice to the jerks who did it!

So if you need a new Lawn Mower support an honest small business here is Springfield!

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Katrina said...

Oh my gosh!! People are unbelievable!!