Monday, October 27, 2008

39 Week Appt.

It went great better than last week. My bp 102/06 and pulse was 65 and the babes HB was 137. I am measuring @ 42 weeks same as last week and she is guesstimating the babe will 9lbs and halfish. Which is right where June would have been had I continued being pregnant with her instead of the CS. No bladder issues or anything my urine was great. Went over my diet and that is great. Gave and discussed my birth plan also gave her a breastfeeding mom sign in case of transfer for my door. She thinks I am going to go over my due date which is fine I have no problem with that. I still think Nov. 4th would be great. But Jon wants it this weekend or next friday @ some point. So maybe a 41 week baby is what I need. I feel rather anxious and energized like I should be constantly moving even though I am tired. Also for sleeping she I could pick up some milky oats and/or melatonin to aid in my sleeplessness.
Also some may remember that the baby was in station 0 just chilling out in my pelvis. She is sure the babe is even deeper in there now. She cant really feel the head at all and my stomach is an obviously about 2.5 inches lower! I have also included my last belly picture of the pregnancy.

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Melissa said...

Holy cow, lady! I didn't realize that you're so close to having that baby!!! Congratulations and good luck!
- Melissa Mohrman (mmohrman, zeke's mommy)