Wednesday, October 1, 2008

36 Week Appt.

So my start to the day of people was a bit chaotic to say the least. I had written down that Colleen, my MW, would be here at 12:30. I had to pay Shawna for the prints I ordered so I had her stop by with the kids and they played with June for about 10 minutes (apx. time was 11:50) then there was a knock at the door. Well it was my MW apparently she was really supposed to be here @ 12:00 not 12:30. Then my mom and her partner walked in with her 5 year old. So in about 5 minutes my tiny apartment become a hopping party location! laugh Shawna was about to leave anyways so she said her goodbyes and left then we started my appt.

My stats were fine 110/69, hb was 80 and baby's hb was 166. So all is well. She thinks the baby is deeply engaged in my pelvis and we are going to do an US on Friday just to confirm that it is indeed a head because she can't get an accurate feel.

I also got my blood drawn to check on my platelet levels. So hopefully those have gone up.

Pretty uneventful and a good appt

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