Wednesday, September 24, 2008

35 Week Mid Wife Appointment

So all is well and her assistants name is Bonnie btw..... She came over a few times but I kept forgetting her name. oops Anyways I am actually am 34w6d so yeah but you get the idea.....

My BP was 107/69 and the babies hb was 140bpm. She guessed the baby is about 5lbs says it feels skinny and she also commented that it has leg for days it will probably be a long one just like June was. The baby is definitely head down and I have dropped. She also said the baby is engaged in my pelvis and the fun pressure on my cervix is the baby rubbing it's head on it. All in all a great appointment.

My next appointment is next Wednesday on the 1st, they are all weekly appoinments from here on out!


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Hi there - I'm Brandy Roth, too. Just y'know, googling myself and found you. I just had a little girl last May. Angel from Heaven. Anyway, BEST of Best of luck! Take care!

Tiffany L Cook said...

Its getting so close!!! I'm so excited for your family. Your still in my prayers that this birth goes exactly the way you want it to. Yay!