Thursday, September 11, 2008

33 Week Appt

So I was violently ill on Tuesday because I poisoned myself with raw pork, don't ask well I was 95% certain the flipped when I violently puking which made for a quite queasy momma. So anyways back to today......

So my instincts were right and I am now the proud owner of a baby that is head down. Thanks food poisoning! MW thinks it is a boy. June is so active in the appointments that it is cute. June can use the Doppler, she places it on my tummy and pushes the button and says, "hear that?" she actually found the HB today, it was quite cute! I forgot to ask what it was. My BP was 98/54 and pulse was 100 consensus was I am still dehydrated from Tuesday so more water for me. My pee was great except for keytones which she said is common with being dehydrated. Told her I wasn't going to get the Rhogram shot. She gave me some info about testing for GBS and said she has a girl from Sweden and they don't even treat or test GBS there and the US's rates still aren't lower than theirs. I am having her e-mail the link to the study and web pages since I thought some of you may be interested in them.

So yeah I have a bunch of crap to do and only around 7 weeks. That seemed like so long now it isn't looking so long *oops

Anyways great appt.

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