Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Us

So I figured I would update you all on me and us;


Went and saw my PCP last Friday and talked about the issues I have been having. She upped my prescription from 50mg to 100mg still just Zoloft. I will be going back in three weeks from tomorrow to check up ans see if we need to up it/change it or keep it the same. I have started to get what seem to be migraines that last all day and get worse in the light but Jon thinks they may just be bad tension/stress headaches. I will bring this up to my PCP when I see her again. She said I shouldn't consider taking anymore xanax since that usually doesn't work long term but to keep a few on hand in case I get into an uncomfortable situation which would cause an attack of anxiety. My PCP also wants me to do two sessions a week of counseling, couples and individual = 2 times a week.


Jon and I went to our intake appointment and our counselor James seemed really nice we will see him once weekly and our payment is 30$ per session starting next week (the intake is free) We will mostly be working on our grief and understanding how to communicate our grief and feelings with each other. That is the main focus of our couples therapy.

I have to call my individual therapist back tomorrow to set up my intake session. I am hoping we can just go off my income (600$ per month from daycare) so we won't have to pay 60$ a week for counseling. If not we will pay it would just be better not to pay 240$ a month, kwim?


My crazy uncle who was going to buy me a britax car seat for Casey decided since he couldn't buy me a car seat that he would give me his 1989 Ford Aerostar for free. It only has 62000 miles on it. I had to get the heater core replaced, oil/transmission change, title transfer and new tires which cost me roughly around 700$ not bad for a free car that is now in perfect running condition.


Kind of at a stand still. Most of the necessary items are moved in and Jon is getting 5 teeth removed via oral surgery tomorrow. Mostly this weekend is going to be clothes and our desktop computer. Then next week is St. Vinnies and CL and trash bags. We have until the 21st to be completely out of there.


I got my nose pierced tonight and I am joining Curves this weekend because I got a great deal for no service fee and just the monthly fee of 35$. So I will start doing that 5 days a week excluding Thursday and Sunday. I started alli and that is going great. I have lost 15 lbs so far. I am on my way only 105lbs to lose. thumb up I am hoping to have it lost by my 5th wedding anniversary next May which seems like a healthy and obtainable goal. Still trying to find a tattoo artist who has had a miscarriage or lost a child to do my tattoo.


Is doing super well at his job! He isn't supposed to technically get a raise till he has been there for a year so roughly around next August but his manager said he is being fast tracked and will most likely be getting it April or May and that will be 5-6000 more a year depending on the level! So proud of him. He is a little apprehensive as he is starting classes again tonight to finsih his bachelors. He missed two classes because of everything that has happened with Casey. I have a lot of faith and pull for him!


Is extremely excited about her big girl room. And Jim is almost done with her bunk beds so I think she will be all about sleeping in her room soon. We started Kindermusik on Tuesday and she adored it! I am so glad to be able to do this with her.


Are getting spayed and micro chipped on Monday and are overall adjusting to the move.


Is loving the yard.

That is all and if you made it through all of this you seriously rock my socks

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