Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Casey's Birth Story

My contractions finally started being productive and sticking close together around 4am Nov. 19th. they were around 10 minutes apart but this time it was different. They were consistent and stayed the same regardless of what position I was in and/or increased in pain. Around 10am I decided to make chili in the crock pot to have for the labor. I finally called Colleen, my Midwife, around 10:30 and she said to call her if they got around 3-4 minutes apart or else she would see me around 5 pm.

So we went through our day and Novena, Jon's mom, got June around 3pm. We walked over to the mall and we were ready and saying we were ready to have you come when you are.

So around 5pm Colleen came over my contractions were about 5 minutes apart at this point and I could talk in between contractions but had to actually focus during the contractions.

Colleen hung around and set some stuff up and around 7 my body decided to kick into gear and I could hardly talk to anyone in between contractions and I don't even recall people talking during my contractions. I just remember moaning and focusing on my own voice.

Around this time Colleen called Bonnie her birthing assistant to come over. It was around 9ish. Bonnie got there quite quickly though my concept of time were in like minute spurts of real world talking of which I could not participate in as I was focusing on deep breathing between contractions. It was about 10:15-10:30pm and Colleen wanted to check me to see how I was progressing. I was in a lot of pain but I had I been 5 or more I would have stayed home. I was 4cm. I wanted relief, it had been over 18 hours my body was tired.

Colleen stated that if we went to the hospital they would push a cesearen section and drugs to which I bellowed back, "MY BODY MY CHOICE!" We then went to the hospital after calling the on call OB.

For most of my intense laboring time I had been on my hands and knees moaning. Starting with the car ride to the hospital I was sitting straight up. When we got on the hospital table that is where I stayed. I thrived on anyone who was willing to put pressure on my lower back during a contractions. There were a lot curse words thrown out by me to make people give me pressure.

The delivery RN gave me an IV and I immediately asked for drugs but she said she wasn't the OB, so I then started to ask for the OB who said I had to the anesthesiologist. So apparently it is a lot harder to get an epi or any kind of drugs then you think. Cause I was begging and cussing and wanted anything they would hand out. Which turns out is just saline.

Finally after about two hours of being there I felt slightly pushy and got checked and was 10cm 100effaced according to the RN and 9cm and 90% effaced according to the OB. about 5 minutes of them arguing (could be shorter could have been longer) Her rate dropped down to 50 and then only came up to 60. I was finally given drugs though just to make me not nauseous from the cesarean they were about to preform.

This was a true emergency surgery, my catheter was inserted as we were going down the hallway to the OR.

I was taken out of the birthing room @ 1:15am and Casey was born @ 1:24am November 20. She was 22 inches long, 9lbs 11oz and all girl. She was precious.

Thank you all for being patient with me in writing this. It actually makes me feel better a bit by sharing the birth part of the story instead of the after part. Because even though it ended tragically, I would do everything same again. In about five or so years when we begin actively TTC after we adopt I will attempt to have a home birth again and will gladly go to 43 weeks in a heart beat and honestly I would go to 44 if allowed.

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Tiffany L Cook said...

Thank you for sharing Casey's story. Her life was full of so much purpose. She accomplished more in her time here than many of us ever will. You made all the right decisions for your family and I hope you find peace in that. You're always in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Love, Tiffany.