Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vaccines? Good article to make you consider what you are doing to kids.

I am in no way saying people who vaccinate your children or bad. I just think you should be educated about what you are doing and once you are if that is what you want, awesome, I give you the educated parent award. Which no mater what you choose is the most important thing to be; educated.

The above link is an article by actor Jim Carey and his opinion on what has taken place in the recent ruling of 3 autism cases in vaccine court.

As some of you may know we have not vaccinated Juniper at all and don't plan to. It started out as Jon's gastroenterologist suggested very blatantly that we research and hold off vaccinating until June was at least two years old so her intestines would have a chance to fully developed. Well with Junes milk protein allergy and her reaction to it; stomach upset and really bad green and mucus diarrhea. So I feel her intestines aren't quite up to par.

I guess this post is mainly just to have you think about what you are doing and be okay about it!

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