Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home From The Funeral

It was okay. A lot easier than I thought, though it was horribly hard don't get me wrong. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT SENT FLOWERS!!! That meant a lot. Thank god for Colleen she came over today and asked what I was wearing to the funeral and I told her maternity clothes. She told me no and took me over to Target and bought me an outfit. I was so sad and worried to have wear the clothes that I carried her in to the funeral. Everything worked out. I read my letter even though June came up and said hello in the mic in the middle of it which if she hadn't I am not sure I could have finished. We sang Amazing Grace and we were supposed to sing sweet chariot but I seemed to only be able to sing the tune of Amazing Grace and so we sang that again. So we are home and tomorrow we are burying her next to my grandma.

Thanks to all the support and prayers from everyone up till now we really appreciate it. I know that we will never be done grieving but it is nice to know you all are here.

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Sara said...

The funeral went beautifully, you could feel all the love and support everyone has for you both,
it wasn't without a couple speedbumps but hey that's life.
I hope you are doing well.
My heart is with you both.