Monday, December 22, 2008

Tomorrow Will Be Bittersweet!

Tomorrow 12/23 will be interestingly bittersweet. As you know my grandma passed away in July and now Casey passed. They are buried right next to each other. Tomorrow is my Grandparents anniversary and my grandfathers first with out her. When I was little I was always at their house for Christmas and was too young to understand why they got gifts and I didn't so it became a tradition that continued until I was 16 in which I got one present on the 23rd. So we are continuing this tradition with Juniper and we haven't told my Grandpa yet about it but I know he will be happy about it. We are also going to visit Casey at her graveside. So tomorrow will be full of mixed emotions.

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Jen said...

Enjoy your time with your girls tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you. It sounds like a lovely tradition to uphold.